About Us

Meet Mocha

Mocha is a miniature two-toed sloth and is our little planner mascot©.    He is always doing adorable things that we have captured into stickers you can use in your planner. 

Two Dollar/New Release Tuesday

We typically release our new items on Tuesday and all new sheets are just $2 for their introductory day!

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Plan to be Happy

Offering all of the stickers and designs you need to make and memory keep your plans!  

Frequently Asked Questions

 For your convenience, my most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? You can reach me at sue@theplannersworld.com.

Q: When is my order going to ship?
A:  We try to be a ready to shiop shop  and we are as excited for you to get our items as you are.  We typically get orders out in 1-3 business days . 

.Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: At some times of the year, I can do this.   Email me at sue@theplannersworld.com and we can discuss.

Q: Tell me about the sticker paper options you offer.

A:   We currently offer our stickers on a premium matte paper.  It is not removable but if you apply lightly and remove carefully it will come up.

 Q: Do you offer a subscription service?
A: We will soon! Stay tuned! 

Q: When will you respond to my email?
A: I will try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.  If you don't hear from me, please try again in case something happened.

 Q: I have a sticker shop, can I buy your artwork to use in my designs?

A: Not at this time. My artwork is currently my own and is copyrighted to me. If I am using purchased artwork in my items, those shops will be credited in the listing.

Q: Tell me more about Mocha and family!

A: Mocha is a two-toed sloth. I love sloths and baby animals and anything cute! So while I was beginning my Etsy shop opening journey, I doodled Mocha and decided that he would become my mascot and come on this journey with me.

There is Mocha, the father sloth, Mona the mom, Moe the son and Moxie the baby girl.

Mocha and his family have their own line of stickers and there are more stickers added all the time! Because he is all the time doing cute things! And I have to get them down on paper. I hope you love him too.

Q: Will you sponsor my meet up / event?

A:Yes! I am able to schedule in 1-2 meetups a quarter. Please message me at least 30 days prior to the date you need the items especially if you are looking for 20+ samplers!


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