About Us

Welcome to The Planner's World, your go-to source for fun, unique, and adorable planner stickers that bring a touch of whimsy and creativity to your daily planning. Established in April 2017, The Planner's World started as a creative outlet allowing me to designing stickers for my planner.  Now I love being able to share stickers that inspire, spark joy, and make your planning experience not only organized but fun as well!

Sue: Owner, Maker, Designer

Sue, the creative force behind The Planner's World, is passionate about all things related to planners, crafts, and art. As a full-time data analyst for a school district, doodling and designing stickers for The Planner’s World gives me a creative outlet in my off time. Happily married to Roger, Sue is a loving pet mom to Diezel Blu: their puppy Blue Heeler, Pageant: their Texas Heeler, Peanut: her elder kitty and two beautiful Ragdoll kitties: Anastazzia and Razzputin.

Roger: Husband, Courier, Assistant

Roger is an integral part of The Planner's World's staff. Monday through Friday, he takes the previous evening's orders to the local post office, ensuring timely delivery of your stickers. Always supportive, Roger loves to provide creative input and has inspired and influenced many of the unique designs featured in the shop.

Diezel Blu

Fur Babies:  Diezel Blu, Pageant, Peanut, Anastazzia, and Razzputin

Our adorable pets - Diezel Blu and Pageant, our energetic dogs, and our kitties Peanut,  Anastazzia and Razzputin bring us tons of joy and even are the inspiration for some of the stickers in the shop.