The Gnomies of The Planner's World

One of my personal favorites as well as a favorite of followers of mine on Instagram has been my Gnomies.  Yes, we all know I draw them, and we all know you can load up your cart with die cuts and stickers from the shop! 


But who makes those little cuties I post sitting on my desk (and other places).  I dare you to keep the gnomies away from their mushroom here!

Those little gnomies are special and so are the folks that made them!   In case you would like to add the little sparkle they bring to your life, here are three great stores where I found the gnomies of The Planner's World.




Will I ever make em?  I think that I just might give it a go here really soon and I'll share a little blog post with you on what I did so you can give it a go really soon.