KIT-230 DECO || Sparkly Weeks - Boss Babe Coffee Girl Planner Stickers


Boss Babe Coffee Planner Stickers - perfectly sized to be used in any planner!

These precious stickers depict a boss babe all bundled up in her winter coat and scarf and holding her precious coffee  ready to take on the day  are perfect for marking the same sentiment in your planner, bullet journal or calendar!

For uses other than planning, we do have this design available in a 2 1/2" tall die cut as well here

Sheet contains 30 stickers that measure approximately .7" high

Sheet measures approximately 4.5" x 3.5"

Select hair color at checkout.  

Stickers are printed on our buttery smooth weatherproof premium matte sticker paper.

The design/artwork  licensed by & permission granted from Karamfilas

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