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Looking for the perfect way to mark Pay Day in your planner, calendar, or bullet journal? Look no further than our Pay Day Stickers! These small, but mighty stickers are perfectly sized to fit in any planner you desire, making them a must-have addition to your planning routine.

Choose from four different hair options, including Blonde, Brown Skin, Black Hair, Gray Hair, or Redhead, each containing either 25 or 30 small stickers measuring approximately .7" high. At checkout, simply select your preferred hair option and get ready to add some functional and fun elements to your planner.

Each sticker is printed on our buttery smooth weatherproof premium matte sticker paper, ensuring a high-quality and long-lasting addition to your planner. The design and artwork for these stickers were created by Tanya Kart, with some modifications by @theplannersworld, resulting in a unique and eye-catching addition to your planner.

Get ready to mark your Pay Day in style with our Pay Day Stickers, the perfect way to add some functional and fun elements to your planning routine.

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