KIT-231 WEEKLY || Rainy Days - WEEKLY Planner Sticker Kit


Introducing the Rainy Days Weekly Sticker Kit, a delightful and practical addition to your planner that brings the beauty of spring rain to life. This vibrant and versatile sticker set is perfect for organizing your daily tasks while adding a touch of seasonal charm to your planner.

Our Rainy Days Weekly Sticker Kit includes six sheets, featuring:

  1. Deco Boxes - Add style and functionality to your planner with these beautifully designed boxes, perfect for highlighting important events or tasks.
  2. Checklists - Stay on top of your to-dos with these easy-to-use checklist stickers that make tracking tasks a breeze.
  3. Headers - Enhance your planner's organization with these customizable headers for various sections or categories.
  4. Half Boxes - Ideal for breaking up your day or week into smaller, manageable segments, these half boxes provide ample space for jotting down notes or reminders.
  5. Date Covers - Keep your planner looking fresh and up-to-date with these elegant date cover stickers.
  6. Washi - Add a touch of whimsy and color to your planner pages with our beautifully patterned washi stickers.

Each sticker in the kit is expertly kiss cut and printed on our premium matte paper, ensuring a high-quality finish and easy application. Designed to fit standard vertical planners, these stickers have a width of 1.5" but can be used in any planner or journal for added versatility.

Our premium matte sticker paper is weatherproof and waterproof, providing durability and longevity to your planner decorations. The Rainy Days Weekly Sticker Kit features charming illustrations of a cute planner girl with an umbrella, rain boots, rain drops, clouds and other springtime elements that will brighten up your planner pages.

Organize your life in style with the Rainy Days Weekly Sticker Kit, the perfect spring-themed set for planner enthusiasts and stationery lovers alike.

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